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Salt affected soils are caused by excess accumulation of salts, typically most pronounced at the soil surface. Salts can be transported to the soil surface by capillary transport from a salt laden water table and then accumulate due to evaporation; they can also be concentrated in soils due to human activity. As soil salinity increases, salt effects can result in degradation of soils and vegetation.

Irrigation (washing the soil with water) is the best known method that is used to treat saline-alkaline soils. The disadvantage of this method is the huge quantities of water needed and instead of solving the problem, the water transfers the salinity problem to other areas. Good micro-organisms in the soil are removed as well.

A new method developed by our scientists - Soil  18/Soil Doctor

Soil 18/Soil Doctor is a biological-based product, using complexing agents in an organic-biochemical formulation that act with salt ions/soil toxin/heavy metal , binding and closely intergrated with these stranded salt/metal into other bigger molecules and at the same time utilizing irrigation water dilution effect, reduce and remnant the concentration of harmful toxin/toxic/salt in soil and eventually degrade by soil microbes and become harmless substance and eventually achieve the aim of soil decontamination

1. enhance soil micro environment

2. provide good soil moisture

3. create root penetration

4. provide water infiltration and aeration

5. enhance higher seeds germination

6. resulting in healthy growth and increasing yield

Soil 18/Soil Doctor can improve the soil structure by changing the physical and chemical conditions of the soil. It activates the nutrition elements in the soil and transforms them to be absorbed by the plant easily, providing plenty of necessary elements vital for the growth of all sorts of plants